one light many candles

A Multifaith Program
in word and song presented by
Reverend Betty Stookey and Noel Paul Stookey

A program of readings and music that reflect the diversity and integrity of individual faith
while seeking a global spiritual community


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Noel Paul and Betty Stookey

Betty and Noel have been married for over 50 years and have spent 37 of those years living in Blue Hill, Maine where they raised their family.

In her role as chaplain at Northfield Mount Hermon School (1997-2005), Betty became aware of the need for greater spiritual inclusivity among the large and culturally diverse student body. "One Light, Many Candles" had it's germination in the interfaith services Betty held monthly, with students of various faiths reading from their holy books accompainied by Noel's music and music indigenous to other cultures.

The word interfaith  was eventually replaced by the word multifaith since it more accurately describes standing strong in ones own faith, while reaching out a hand of tolerance, understanding and respect to those of other beliefs.

Recognizing love as the common calling to many different faiths, Betty and Noel's presentation continues to evolve by referencing espressions of the Divine from a myriad of spiritual leaders and from literature of many cultures. The program shifts dynamically from the spoken word to the sung word and back again, with Betty reading and Noel singing.

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"...For myself, I believe that the Divine Mystery I call God is One. That it is the same One  that the Muslims call upon, the same One the Christians recognize in Jesus, the same One that the Buddhists seek within, the same One honored by the Jews, the same One seen in nature by the pagans, and the same One  denied by the atheists."

-Betty Stookey

Betty stookey
For some of us, perhaps many of us, there is a spiritual hunger that is no longer being fed by our loving and comfortable places of worship. As it becomes more evident that all living creatures are connected to each other, all sharing this wonderful world, we need a a language with which to reach beyond our doctrinal, liturgical  and often polarizing expressions of belief. We need a way to overcome our differences and see our commonality without fear of losing our spiritual integrity. If we can trust the Love that sustains and inspires us all, then that trust will enable us to reach out to each other and find that spark of the Divine that lives in each of us - despite - or perhaps, because of - our belief systems.



Noel Paul Stookey

"...and who's to say the universe is but a single thought contained within the mind of God and who's to say it's not? If Love is the lesson then how's the teacher taught? Our lives are connected like pages in a book. The past is the present through which the future looks. Like leaves on a river, like ripples in a brook... our lives are connected."

-Facets of the Jewel ©1996
Noel Paul Stookey

Noel Paul and Betty Stookey

Betty and Noel Paul Stookey blessed the Guilford Community College community with their deeply moving "One Light, Many Candles" program. Combining Betty's insightful and dynamic words about the power of God's revelation through the multi-faith community and Noel's guitar  and vocals, the presentation touched our hearts and inspired us to see our religious diversity as a source of strength - leading us to delight in that of God in everyone."

Max Carter, PhD.
Director, Friends Center
Guilford College

"We have much more in common than we see, and we see more differences than there are. I went home thinking about the kind of world I would like, not just the kind of world we have inherited."

Unitarian Universalist Church,
Key West, Florida

Stookeys @ Unitarian Universalist church
Josh white Jr, Noel Paul and Betty Stookey

"Betty's reflections and Paul's music led us to an experience of and respect for unity in diversity, and opened our hearts and minds to an insightful and productive conversation after the presentation."

Reverend Gary Vencil
Reversing Falls Sanctuary,
Brooksville, Maine

"Gratitude for your Light, your Hearts and your Voices in Norwich will stay with me.  What a spark you have left in our little VT town. You have filled us all with such energy and such hope. I shall remember your spirited faces and your powerful message for always. One Light, Many Candles was pure delight and a much needed gift to our whole wide world. Our candles are lit.

With deep appreciation and love,"

Jody B.
Thetford, Vermont

Norwch VT

Betty Stookey

Elizabeth Bannard Stookey, known as Betty to friends and family, is an ordained UCC minister, business woman, teacher, wife and mother. She holds masters degrees in ESL (Columbia University), French (Universite de Grenoble) and Divinity (Harvard). Since her childhood, Betty has understood the  beauty of diversity, rather than its problems. Hers is a multi-faith vision, one that she believes will help us learn to appreciate, honor and respect the communal truth of another's faith tradition.

Noel Paul Stookey

Singer/songwriter Noel Paul Stookey has been altering the musical and ethical landscape of this country and of the world for decades, both as 'Paul' of the legendary trio Peter Paul and Mary, and as an independent musician who believes passionately in bringing the spiritual element into the practice of daily life. Funny, irreverently reverent, thoughtful, compassionate - Stookey's vocal sound is known across this land, from the iconic "Wedding Song" to "In These Times".

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