Program Overview

The "One Light Many Candles" Program

The vision, the dream, for the One Light Many Candles program forms around inclusion, love, and tolerance. Imagine a world where we can listen to another's story of faith without judgment and understand that spiritual growth is often fostered by finding shared truths in our differences. Wars have been waged and lives destroyed because we fear 'the other', but honestly, isn't that 'other' just like us? Don't we all share the need for love, connection and community? With inspiring music and carefully chosen words and quotes, the One Light Many Candles program offers the belief that religious faith which is based on love assumes unity and that when we expand our spiritual comfort zones, we are opening a path to understanding and peace.
The readings for the program have been thoughtfully selected to highlight, with specific examples, our similarities rather than our differences. They include quotes from: Martin Luther King Jr, Black Elk, The Dalai Lama, St Francis, Mahatma Gandhi, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Jewish prayers, and many more interspersed with Rev. Stookey's perceptive insights.

As a companion to the readings, much of the musical material chosen refers to Love as the all-defining center of our lives. We have found the use of lyrical metaphor to be an especially important means of allowing each listener/attendee to interpret the spiritual messages of the music in personal terms.

In our presentations, we often employ sing-alongs to help build a community of participation. In that spirit, we particularly look to find songs in a variety of tempos that are engaging, that to some degree parallel the readings and upon later reflection, might even offer additional perspective.

Benefits of the Program
Benefits of the Program
* Provides a safe place for hearing and discussing challenging topics
* Brings together people who are interested in expanding their ideas about love and community
* Softens and opens the heart
* Reaches out to a diversity of thinking
* Invites collaboration
* Teaches us about our neighbors
* Offers hope
What Others Say
We have received numerous letters and words of appreciation for One Light Many Candles, and continue to be moved by what others have shared. For example, “Betty's reflections and Paul's music led us to an experience of and respect for unity in diversity, and opened our hearts and minds to an insightful and productive conversation after the presentation."
Previous Presentations
For over 15 years, Betty and Noel have presented One Light Many Candles in a variety of venues, from churches to community centers throughout the country, from the West Coast of CA to the East Coast of Maine.
Frequently Asked Questions
Many people have asked us questions about the program. For example: Can I start my own One Light Many Candles program? What is the cost to start my own One Light Many Candles program? Can the One Light Many Candles program be done virtually? What kinds of organizations can offer One Light Many Candles?
Start Your Own Program
If you are interested in starting your own One Light Many Candles program, we have compiled some guidelines to help you along the way. We start with a conversation. So first, please answer a few questions about yourself (click link below). We will then schedule a time to talk. From there, we will provide a program guide in PDF format to assist you with your process.