Program Outline

Intro to the various religions and our concept of ‘God
Quote from Martin Luther King Jr
All connected by a source of love that knows no boundaries, maybe has no name and is available to everyone when we open our hearts to each other.
Songs: One and Many/ Facets

Black Elk quote…”all children of one mother and one father…”
Religious differences keep us apart
Prayers of peace from Jewish/Muslim/Christian faiths
notice that they are asking for the same thing
Song: Be Real

Respect others faith
Quotes from Rumi and Ghandi
Song: Love Rules

Mother Teresa “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other”,,,
Story of little boy…compassion
Frederick Buechner quote
stained glass analogy
Quote from the Koran
quote from Ghandi
Song: Golden Thread

Story of Muslim students at Northfield Mount Hermon School
lesson in tolerance
Song: Peace in The Valley

Bible Quote, The Peaceable Kingdom Isaiah
Martin Luther King Jr. ‘equality and love’
Song: Revolution

The Dali Lama and St Francis quotes/comparison
Song: One and Many Reprise

Joy Cowley poem ‘Roads”
sum up of our point of view
Song: The Winner

The Buddhist Litany for Peace
Song: Blowing in the Wind

Final prayer